H5P and iBooks Author?

Hi there,

I work at a University in Berlin and one of our professors would like to create HTML5 widgets for iBooks author (and it's not easy to convince him to use another platform). Now I'd like to make sure that he creates those widgets in a way so that they can also be used in other contexts (e. g. Moodle). Is it possible to use H5P for iBooks? Is there a tutorial or something online? I googled it, but couldn't find anything...

Thanks a bunch!


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Hi Björn,

I'm afraid I don't know much about iBooks either, and I don't know of anyone using H5P within iBooks. I know people are using H5P within epub but I don't have any details there.



Hi Svein-Tore,

thanks for the reply!

Maybe I can convince him to use epub. Could you maybe point me to people or organisations who use h5p and epub?

That would be great!




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Hi, I'm afraid I don't remember, but I Googled and found this at least, maybe you could reach out to that guy?

Thank you! I will have a look.

Hey Björn,

do you have any news on iBooks integration? I'm working on the same issue now.

I managed to get a working widget of a Wordpress page with H5P tools, but iBooks won't let me scroll through the page. A solution seems so close... Do you have any ideas?

Best, Andreas