Missing translations for library H5PEditor.BranchingScenario

Hi all.

I'm quite new to H5P, but I'm working in Moodle and am unable to create new branching scenarios. Old ones seem to work fine, though. All other content types also work.

When I try to create a brenching scenario, I get an interface where most text elements say "Missing translations for library H5PEditor.BranchingScenario". All buttons work, and I am able to add content, but it's still quite inhibiting. I'm workin in Norway and Moodle has both Norwegian and English language packages installed. All H5P content is in english though.

I have updatet H5P, but the problem remains.

Any thoughts?

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Hei Knutcj!

Some people have encountered the same issue before and fixed it by downloading the sample file at https://h5p.org/branching-scenario#example=440740 and uploading it to the moodle instance (which should install missing libraries).


Thanks Otacke!

That's a pretty left handed work arround ... but it did the trick :)

Thanks Otacke!

That't s a pretty left handed work arround, but it did the trick :)