A navigation panel for columns

What I would really like to see in H5P is a WebPage activity. I would envisage it being just like the text panels in the column activity but where the user has the freedom to properly edit the underlying HTML. One of the ways I would use that is to create my own columns navigation panel.

I have set up a demo and explanation of my thinking at


I'm sure there will be ways that admins can tinker with their particular setup to add buttons to the various text editors but that doesn't really help the majority of users who simply have to use what's on offer. A webPage activity would go some way to alleviate the lack of styling options in all the other activities.

I am guessing there will also be some security issues that need to be taken care of. I can understand scripts being stripped out, but I doubt if allowing users to select a font, change its colour, link to an image, or properly format tables, and a host of other styling options, presents a security issue. 

My current 'go to' solution is to either create an external html page and include it using an iframe or to create the whole activity in the Lumi app, save that as a single html file and then edit that. Neither of these are perfect solutions for all sorts of reasons and it would be good to have more of an 'in-house' solution.

I notice that the within the H5P website, in the Examples & downloads page, each Content Type has a container that holds several examples of the content type. These examples can be navigated with arrows at the top. Originally, I thought this feature was part of Column, but I now realize that this isn't the case. 

I need this type of feature in a lesson that either works with tabs or arrows which give the learner the choice of which set of activities they will do (several columns), rather than limit them to only use a single set (one column). It seems if this container already exists, it could possibly be integrated into "Column" by Joubel.  

I will add this as a feature request.