How to write asterisk sign in Fill in the Blanks

I have this problem: the answer in the Fill in the Blanks can be, let's say, 2x or 2*x --> astersk sign as a multiplication sign (in Croatia we usually don't write multiplication sign as "x", but with asterisk sign)

Since blanks are added with an asterisk in front and behind the correct word/phrase, how can I write these alternative answers without splitting it into two blanks...

If I write *2x/2*x* --> i get two blanks instead of two alternative answers...

Thanks in advance

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Hi amvukovic,

I'm afraid this is not possible. There is an existing report regarding this.


Thanks for your reply!

The best solution is to use ∙ instead of *.

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Thanks for the suggestion mattgig.

Thank you all for your suggestions!

Wanted to create a word-match assignment in C++ for a pointers assignment - what is the value of *ptr?  I had hoped that I could use &ask; to encode the asterisk, but that didn't work. 

I'm not sure if I've correctly understood the issue, but if you are trying to have an asterisk in the visible part of the task then perhaps one of the other unicode asterisks might suit, eg. ⁎ or *. You can copy and paste from the table to insert.