Can't upload course presentation to WordPress on Pantheon

WP 5.1

htp 1.11.3

host: pantheon

Getting a 504 time out when trying to upload attached file.

Works fine on host wpengine.

Pantheon has a system where you can't write to folders outside of wp-content/uploads.

Does h5p create tmp directories for uploading? This won't work on pantheon.

How can I control the tmp directories for file uploading?

Thanks for your time,

-Andre Gagnon

H5P file: 
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No, all files should be within the wp-content/upload/h5p folder.

It sounds like PHP might be hanging on some sort of operation. You may have to add some debugging in order to determine what's happening.

I'm using Drupal/Opigno at Pantheon. Just ran into same problem. 2 years same issue? Any ideas on what can be done?