H5P for Tiki

Hi all,

I hope i'm posting this in the right place, please do move me elsewhere if not :)

I am working on making a "plugin" so we can use H5P in Tiki, aiming at having something properly working for version 16 which is due later this year, and have been working so far in converting the WordPress plugin as i am vaguely familiar with the WP achitecture... either way, it is a significant project and will take some time to get right (even assuming we can overcome the licensing issue as discussed here on github).

So, my question actually is:

  • Is there a lightweight way we can create a "player only" plugin to run previously created h5p files without needing all the database tables, php libraries, updating mechanisms etc, as it seems to me that almost everything needed to run the content appears to be included in the compressed file.

Forgive me if this is already documented somewhere as i'm new around here, but i have had a good look through https://h5p.org/developers (but will continue looking ;)

Thanks in advance - H5P is a most impressive and amazing system and it will be a great addition to Tiki, making several existing inferior features redundant in a stroke!

 jonny B

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Hi Jonny,

Thank you for reaching out. As it happens we actually don't have any good documentation for this, but if you look in Drupal we have separated out the authoring tool in one module making the core H5P module smaller. You still need most or all of the data-base tables though. There is some documentation coming up here, but so far we've focused on documenting how to create H5P content types.