Bug in Content Type Questionnaire

-Tried in Chrome and Firefox
-Recent changes: branching scenario embedded on a WordPress site.


After embedding my branching scenarios on a WordPress site, I realized there is a problem/bug with the content type Questionnaire.
I've used a questionnaire at the end of an interactive video, which is part of a branching scenario. After the interactive video including the questionnaire, a crossroad question is set. The questionnaire includes open-ended questions. While I was typing an example answer for an open-ended question, I used the space bar. As I did so, the play button was set from paused to play and so the crossroad question was shown even before I had finished writing my answer, and therefore before I could finish up the questionnaire and submit my answers.

Has this happened to anyone of you before? Do you have any idea how I could resolve this issue?

Thanks a lot in advance

bug in questionnaire
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I think this is similar to the bug report I filed.


Thank you!