Using Insert Hyperlink Causes Glitch

New issue observed in timeline tool: This has happened repeatedly and consistently tonight: I add a new event and am able to save/edit as usual. But if I select text in the event and then click the insert hyperlink tool, the screen freezes indefniitely. (Windows and other things work correctly--just that screen/Win10/Chrome.) My only choice is to refresh and lose all unsaved work and start again.

Old question: It seems I am still unable to choose the terms BCE and CE to express dates. Is this so? I communicated with the team months ago and believed that this feature would be added to the tool (because you guys saw that it was branchable from the source, I think).

Thanks for all you do!

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Hi ronaki!

I remember the discussion about modifying timeline to better support time settings, but it was among people in the H5P community and the H5P core team did not take part in that discussion and didn't promise anything.


What actions can I take to involve the core team and share these suggestions? (An option to use BCE/CE instead of BC/AD)+(A check box to indicate that a year is "circa")

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Hi ronaki,

I represent the H5P core team and rest assured I have informed the product of this request. However there are no guarantees that it will be developed.