Video Interaction: proper way to space back to back questions

Hi, I really like the simplicity of the video interaction module.

Here's a question: I'm doing various types of question interactions at the end of a video using different interaction icons. For instance the first question is a drag and drop; the second question is a multiple choice. So what's the timecode to space them out properly? They are back to back questions. I don't want a flash of my video between these two questions. I don't want a second of random video between the two questions. When first question is done I want the second questioin to immediately come up. I've tried various things but sometimes I see a new time code I didn't even put in.

It brings up another point: if 'poster' is selected, and 'pause' is selected, then the second number in "display time" is a moot point anyway, correct? (Yet that value is required) One would think that it would look like this:

1:58.8 beginning time code for first question. 1:58.8 end time code for first question. 

1:58.9 beginning time code for second question. 1:58.9 end time code for second question.

But that doesn't work. The second question pops up first. 


What I may do is just put a white background on my video at the end, so that between questions even if there's a break, the user doesn't see a  flash of video for a split second before the next question.

I just went with a half a second interval. Because much less than that and you have a hard time finding your own interaction in the editing window. And I'm just going to put some white space on the video so that half second doesn't flash some video image in between questions.