How to create question with long answer?

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I want to create a question for user can type an answer as paragraph. But, i can't find the content type of H5P can do that. How to do long answer question with H5P?

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Hi, I think you can choose from:

  1. Fill in the blanks with answer on separate lines (Behavioral settings)
  2. CoursePresentation with Exportable Text Area
  3. Documentation tool


I created a new content type for this as nothing else out there either worked or fit our requirements. Main features:

  • Add image and/or HTML text for the question.
  • Optionally add a rubric (marking criteria) with HTML text and a weight/maximum score for each criterion.
  • Rubric may optionally be displayed to user (our third-party system pulls this out of the JSON content to allow a marker to mark the question in a Drupal Quiz according to the rubric).
  • Optionally display a Submit button, after which no more editing may occur. The submit button generates an xAPI event with the 'answered' verb.
  • Option to generate xAPI events at regular intervals or on other triggers (with the 'responded' or 'initialised' verb). Third-party systems may use this, for example, to save the current answer to a server and restore it in the event of a page reload.

Project page:


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Great, Oliver! I see this is already followed up here: