H5P Drag and Drop on LapTop Touchscreen

The drag and drop content types do not work on a microsoft laptop touchscreen. I have tried Google Chrome, Mozilla and Internet Explorer. They work find when not using the touchscreen. Is there anyway to fix this to get the drag and drop to work on the touch screen?

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the fix is pretty simple once you've done it. Here are the steps:

1. Download the original h5p-jquery-ui from https://github.com/h5p/jquery-ui

2. Remove apply-when-upgrading.diff

3. Copy this (https://raw.githubusercontent.com/h5p/jquery-ui/dfd00da4d9c211ffd0f1fab5...) into the h5p-jquery-ui.js

4. Change the version in library.json from 1.10.19 to 1.10.20

5. Pack the folder with h5pcli (command: h5p pack jquery-ui-master jquery-ui.h5p)

6. Upload it into your moodle at Administration>H5P>Manage H5P content types AND at Administration>Plugins>H5P>Libraries

Thats it.

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Glad that you can confirm that the code that I wrote is working.