video makes update slow

Hi all, I have a project with 5 mp4 videos and it is very slow to update. I checked the downloaded file and it is 76 Mo. I understand that H5P actually rewrite everything (including video data) when I save the project. Is there a way to avoid this? 

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This is because the export file(download) has to be recreated when the content changes. Currently, there are two ways you can get around the issue you're having:

  1. Use URLs instead of uploading the video files directly, then the files won't be part of the package, only the URLs will be stored.
  2. Disable the Download button through the H5P settings form, then the package won't be created at all.

I the future H5P might be able to support updating only certain parts of the export file(download) and/or creating the export file on request.