H5P exported files don't work on last Moodle plugin version



A client of ours is working with Moodle and Totara (which is based on Moodle) and wants to use the H5P Moodle plugin because they already have a lot of H5P files created and exported for their learning management system. Embedding the H5P activities is not an option because they want to work with the scores in the learning management system.

We tried uploading their H5P exported files in the LMS but then got an error that says that you would need a more recent version of the plugin. The error mentions version 1.23 or 1.24 (depending on the activity) or higher but in the Moodle directory we can only find versions until 1.22.3. Is there a new version that is being developped or that maybe is downloadable on another site than this one: https://moodle.org/plugins/mod_hvp/versions ?

I just want to be sure because the error in the plugin mention the requirement of version 1.23/1.24 for uploading those files.

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That version number refers to the H5P core version that's used in the integration (moodle, WordPress, Drupal and others), not to the version of the moodle plugin. Version 1.24 of H5P core (the latest one) is used since moodle plugin version 1.20. Version 1.23 of H5P core was used in the 1.19 versions of the moodle plugin.


Hi Oliver, thank you for your reply! This really helps us go further with H5P :)

Thank you for the information!