Column Module not updating on Moodle


Hi H5P Community,

I'm having an issue with the Column module on Moodle using the official H5P plugin.

The problem is the CSS styles that my production Moodle site are using are out-of-date. I've tried updating the module via the H5P Hub interface and from the Site Administration page (i.e. mod/hvp/library_list.php) and both say the module is up-to-date. But that can't be the case because on my development site the Column module has different CSS applied to it.

I need a way to force update or reinstall this module. But I can't even try manually updating it because there's no link to download the Column module on this site.

Does anyone know a way I can force update a module? Is there something I missed?

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The last time that the stylesheets of the Column content type were changed was three years ago. I assume it's not an outdated content type but something else that's troubling your system.

Have you patched the stylesheets yourself and bumped the library version in order to install changes that's now blocking to get the latest version? You can tell H5P to skip checking whether a library that should be installed is already installed (thus ignoring to install it) by (temporarily) setting

$CFG->mod_hvp_dev = true;

and then uploading an H5P file containing the latest Column version.

Are you overriding the stylesheets on one of the systems? Then remove the overrides.



Thank you! I didn't see this documentation. That's exactly what I needed.