Übungen zwischenspeichern und später fertig lösen


Meine Studenten beginnen während des Kurses eine Übung zu lösen, werden aber nicht fertig.
Frage: Kann man den Zwischenstand in Zukunft "abspeichern" und an einem späteren Zeitpunkt die Übung fertig lösen?


My students start doing an exercise during the course, but they don't finish.

Question: Can you "save" the intermediate result in the future and complete the exercise at a later point in time?

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Hi Chris!

You can, if you activate the "save content state" option in the settings of the H5P plugin. If you're running moodle's own integration of H5P (you don't tell), then you're out of luck unfortunately, because moodle so far have not implemented that feature to the best of my knowledge.