H5P Bug


I'm using moodle, but it says it can't connect to h5p library as below. If anyone knows what the problem is, please let me know.

Execute scheduled task: Download available H5P content types from h5p.org (core\task\h5p_get_content_types_task) ... started 10:48:23. Current memory use 2.5MB. SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate ... used 0 dbqueries ... used 0.35215997695923 seconds Scheduled task complete: Download available H5P content types from h5p.org (core\task\h5p_get_content_types_task)

Execute scheduled task: Descarregar os tipos de conteúdo H5P disponíveis em h5p.org (core\task\h5p_get_content_types_task)
... started 16:25:54. Current memory use 20.2MB.
... used 16 dbqueries
... used 2.0160429477692 seconds
Scheduled task failed: Descarregar os tipos de conteúdo H5P disponíveis em h5p.org (core\task\h5p_get_content_types_task),Não é possível criar o ficheiro '1/core_h5p/library_sources/0/H5P.Column' (Duplicate entry '88b06733853c...

I get the same error as described above. Our site is running over HTTPS on IIS (with a valid IIS-SSL certificate).

Any news?

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We get the same error as above. We're running Moodle over HTTPS on IIS (with a valid IIS-SSL certificate).

Any news on how to fix this?

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simiular problem on IIS with valid certificate.
moodle 3.9.4 h5p plugin warning displayed while logged in as a teacher editing the h5p activity. Warning not displayed to students
Actvity appears to work as expected but teachers see the message and assume its not working as expected

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Hi all!

Please correct me, but given the original post, this is an error message issued by the task that's scheduled by moodle core to update H5P content types. That feature is part of moodle's integration of H5P, not of the H5P plugin for moodle. This doesn't rule out that someone here knows how to fix this, but given that it's a moodle issue, it's more likely someone at the moodle forums may be able to help you.

Having said that, I don't even think it's related to moodle, but it rather smells like some server configuration error.



yes it appears to be a server configuration issue related to h5p.
h5p plugin appear to require the following php setting according to the link below which describes the warning message solution:
curl.cainfo = "zzzzzzzzz\cacert.pem";

My h5p warnings dissappeared after adding this setting to php and uploading the pem file.

While trying to confirm the solution I undid the php update, strangely after undoing the update the warning has not returned to moodle even after clearing the moodle cache and restarting the IIS server. Im guessing something is cached somewheres in h5p?

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So the server did not authenticate via SSL properly. That's not related to H5P per se.

And yes, H5P caches the list of available content types and only updates it once in a while or when you update the content type cache (it's explicitly called that way ;-)) on the library page of the H5P plugin.