Question in interactive video appears again after answering


I hope I am in the right section. I created a course presentation with 4 slides. In each slide there is an interactive video with different tasks (Multiple Choice, Fill in the blanks etc...).

Not all tasks but some of those tasks appear a second time right after answering them which is annoying and not user-friendly. This happens not on every device. I don't have this problem when watching the videos on my laptop but this problem appears when watching the videos on my iPhone + iPad. The task is around 17:19 in the video but when running the video from 17:15 and answering the task when it appears from alone then I don't have this problem of double clicking "Continue".

  1. Visit, go to the third slide and click on the circle sign in the timeline to get to the last task in this video (something around 17:19). After answering this task on my iPhone 8, I have to click on "Continue" again, even when I did just moments before.
  2. Moodle 3.11.2 (Build: 20210729)
  3. Mobile (iPhone 8 or iPad)
  4. Browser: Safari
  5. H5P plugin mod_h5pactivity version 2021051700 and mod_hvp version 1.22.3 (2021061100)
  6. Don't know the version of the content type but it's Course Presentation with Interactive Video in it. Example is shown under 1.
  7. No errors in browser console, don't know how to see this when viewing it on mobile
  8. No PHP errors but same case as 7.
  9. Here is a short video
  10. No
  11. No

Can be closed. Issue solved by whatever.