Updating Content Types


as the number of H5P content in our moodle installation is increasing, we have to handle updates of content types more careful. We want to reduce the risk of unavailable (older) content after update of content types. We are using H5P-Plugin Version 1.22.3 in moodle 3.9

I tried to find details about managing content created with different versions of libraries, but unfortunately I didnt' find answers to my questions.

First I tried to understand different update functions. This is my understanding:

  • Update content type cache: This function is for checking whether updates for content types are available, but it doesn't update them. Does the same as the scheduled activity "look for updates"
  • Update button at content type in H5P Hub (only displayed for content types with update available): This function really updates the content type, what means new created content will be using the new libraries.
  • Update button behind entry in list of H5P libraries only displayed for older library versions if content is present: This can be used to update content that was created with old content type versions to the current content type.

Hopefully I'm right with this assumptions - maybe someone with real knowledge can confirm, correct or add...

Now let's come to my open questions:

  • Is there a risk for availability of existing content when updating a content type or is content always displayed with the library it is created with?
  • What happens when trying to edit content that was created with an older version of content type? Will it be converted oder is it edited with the old library?
  • Is it recommended to update content regularly after updating content types, in order to decrease the number of different library versions per content type?

Maybe I'm worrying to much, but we need to be absolutely sure that "old" content is reliable available, however a full testing of all constellations is not feasible.

I'm looking forward to helpful answers - thanks a lot!


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All your assumptions are correct.

Exisiting content will continue to use the library version until it is updated. It's either updated via the library screen using the green arrow button or when the content is edited and saved. The latter automatically covers uploaded content from an older version or existing content that's pasted, too. Old libraries clutter the database, use up storage space - but I don't think to a degree that it "hurts".




Hi Oliver!

thanks a lot for your quick response! Your answers are very helful!

Best regards,


Im not using the plug in version but the one built into moodle 3.10 and its easy enough to update the content via zip file. however i cannot find that file anywhere on your site. all the coments i find in the forum point to using the hub not moodles built in version. The interactive video isnt working as advertised so i thought the first thing to do ( based on a forum coment) is to update the content type to the latest version. But since i cannot find the file i need to upload im stuck. Can somebody point me to the place to download the new content zip ?

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Hi phawse!

Yes, sadly, moodle decided not in include the H5P Hub. Please address this to them if you think it complicates things.

You can download demo content from one of the respective demo pages (e.g. https://h5p.org/interactive-video) and upload that file to install new libraries (if you have the required permissions in moodle) at "Site administration -> H5P -> Manage H5P content types".

Alternatively, if you are using the "\core\task\h5p_get_content_types_task" task to update H5P content types ("Site administration -> Server -> Tasks -> Scheduled tasks"), start it once manually or let it run more often in order to update all H5P libraries with newer versions - if available.


thanks. i have a path forward now thanks.

i ran the update and it didnt seem to have an update. i ran it again to be sure. 

my interactive video is 1.21.8 and the second one is 1.22.12

the h5p framework is 1.24 

I then tried to go grab the demo file but i do not see any download button to actually grab an archive file. Just a bunch of what it is and how to use it plus a sample to run through...just no downloadable.

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There definitely is version 1.22.14. And there's a "Reuse" button right below the content at https://h5p.org/interactive-video