H5P on smart board

I'm interested in which events use the content types "Drag and drop" and "Drag the words" when dragging objects. Are these standard events: dragover, dragstart, drop?

I ask this because I am trying to project h5p interactivity on a smart board. I use an OpenBoard program (https://openboard.ch/index.en.html). Every interactivity is successfully realized only I have a problem in "Drag and drop" content type. No object can be moved at all. I would rather say that the problem is in the OpenBoard program itself, and not in h5p. But I'd better ask if anyone has encountered this before.

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Might be this issue: https://h5p.org/node/1224753.

Thanks, Oliver.

Is it advisable to wait for the h5p team to solve this problem, or to do it on my own according to the instructions from your answer?

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Hey glisapn!

Only the H5P core team can tell ...