Speaking words set problems


I have two problems with speaking words set (desktop, Chrome, Wordpress)

1. After creating a lot of questions I realized that only 1 or 2 were saved (even if I clicked update/save button on the right after everything was done) it happened to every content that I've created yesterday. But it seems to work when I click save after creating each question so I should be able to finish it, so we can consider it a minor problem

2. Bigger problem is with the functionality itself, the program recognize a correct answer but says it's incorrect, see attachment for an example; The description is in Polish but the speech exercise is in Italian (I attach the h5p file as well)

I hope you can help, I was very enthusiastic about this functionality

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The problem is that you seem to have copied & pasted the text of your italian phrases into the Accepted Answers field... and you have used a kind of apostrophe that is not recognized by H5P.

For example if you replace cosa "c’è di sopra" with "cosa c'è di sopra"... things will work as expected!

So I shouldn't copy and paste phrases, now I know!

What kind of apostrophe you mean? This one ' ?

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In expected answers, only use plain text, no punctuation marks, no capitals, no fancy apostrophes.

You should always refrain from copy-pasting text (from a word processor or an HTML page) into the H5P text editor. You should type your text.

I am attaching a "cleaned" version of your H5P Speaking Words activity.