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I am trying to create Crossword in English.

When I create it says "Could not generate a crossword. You need at least two words." Though I have given all the words and clues. 

When I go back to edit I find all words, clues blank.

I tried in Moodle, Drupal 8 and even here. (

When tried in Moodle Content bank, (Moodle 3.10.6+ (Build: 20210805) ) I tried uploading sample content, that worked fine. But when I tried editing the sample, it is not taking the words I typed. Clues it is taking. After saving the answer words are same as sample words. 

Is this a bug?

Please help to solve this / address this.

Thanks in advance.



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Hi Telugu,

I'm not really sure what is happening but this is working when I create the content.


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Hey BV!

Just for your information: There's already a thread on the moodle forums related to the issue. So far, three people alltogether failed to reproduce the issue, and it seems in fact not to be an issue in Crossword, but some - really weird - issue with the H5P editor core as far as I can tell. The parameters for words and clues are not stored at all when Telugu saves the content, that's why Crossword doesn't show anything. No errors in the JavaScript dev console, no reply regarding the PHP error log so far.


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Thank you Oliver for the support. I replied there in Moodle forum too.

As I realised in my MAC OS with Chrome its giving me the error as I depicted. But in firefox or in Windows machine it's absolutely fine. I did not understand the logic though.

Finally found otherway to work with crossword.




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Would be great if you added some more information about your Mac configuration.

I don't own one, but I ran a test on browserstack where I unfortunately only have limited options for configuration of the OS...

  • OS: Monterey (not sure what exact version)
  • Browser: Chrome 97 Version 97.0.4692.71 (Official Build) (x86_64)
  • MacOS language setting: English
  • Keyboard layout: German and English

Worked like a charm. Same on Safari 15.1 Version 15.1 (17612.

Seems to really be some weird bug in between your setup and the H5P editor. Hopefully someone can reproduce it.