any way to create a questions bank?

are there any way to create a questions bank. so that don't need to create same questions in different content?

a copy function could be useful to copy questions from one content to another.

also to have tag/categories for each content would be extremly usefully to organize large set of questions.

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It's in our backlog but it will take several months/years before this is published. We've made an integration for a customer that does this. They can reuse their media files and all their H5P content in various H5P contexts using their content browser. (Same multiple choice question in a question set and an interactive video for instance).

ic, thanks for your reply. I plan to use wordpress, by now, I can do this as walkaround.

1. one content one question. define a naming standard to easy search by name of content.

2. use wordpress posts as assignement or quiz, to pull in multiple questions and show to student.

but this walkaround can't provide a consolidated results for a single quiz. it partially serves my purpose.

if copy feature could be implemented earlier would be better, it could solve major problem, hope it is not so difficult.


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I hope so too :) It depends a lot on our sponsors.

I am probably overlooking something but one thing struck as slightly strange. I can create H5P content here on the web site and store them in my content area. I can download them and then import them into other H5P aware sites such as WordPress or OpenLabyrinth. But I don't seem to be able to upload H5P content to the web site here. 

Would this not be worth having? Then you can have a user-generated library of shareable content. 

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It sure would! Initially we only wanted a test drive feature on but we will evolve it into a community platform for creating and sharing H5P content and then uploads obviously will come into play!

Did question banks ever get added in as a feature? This would be vitally important for my WordPress client.

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Hi philbarrow,

This was not implemented. Instead there is a clone option in as well as download/upload option to duplicate the content.


Asking the same question. We would greatly benefit from question banks as there are many scenarios were an instructor would like to provide a different set of questions for all students or in another scenario, if a student gets question 1 wrong, the next time they see question 1, its on the same topic with a related question, but not the same exact question before. Please let us know if question banks have been added. Thank you

Hi H5P support,

Is there any chance the idea of enabling H5P question sets to draw from a question bank will be revisited? We have operating in some of my institution's Canvas sites this year as a trial and this feature has been asked for by some staff who would like the ability to set a quiz for their students that gives them different questions.

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Hi rgol5334,

I wish I have better news but I'm afraid not. Currently there are no plans from the core team to add this feature.


Question banks are extremely useful. It can be used to asses students proficiency on a certain subject. For example, we have a topic question on network security - passwords. They get this question wrong. Next time they take the quiz, they get a question on passwords, but not the same exact one because its being pulled from a "passwords" question bank. Please integrate this feature into H5P if it has not already been done. Thank you