Content Type: Jigsaw Puzzle

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Hey everybody!

There's a new content type called "Jigsaw Puzzle". Guess what you can do with it :-D

Check it out on my blog at No, I do not know if and when it will be released on the H5P Hub, but there's a ticket that you can track progress with. Also, please find instructions about how to install it on your H5P enabled platform anyway in the blog post.

Please, please, pretty please also note my hint about the content type being just a by-product of contract work before you bombard me with feature requests.



Hi Oliver,

Love it, thanks for sharing!! 



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You're welcome! Don't forget to thank KidsLoop for funding the original version that this open version is derived from.



Big shoutout to KidsLoop... this is really fun, not will students love it.. I will use it with my own childern at home..

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Well, younger children are the target group of that content type - so nothing wrong with that :-D

Hi Oliver !

Thanks to you for developping this content type and thanks to Kidsloop for letting it be released so that the rest of the community can use it. My students are too old for playing jigsaws (except in a seriuous game or an escape game) but my daughter who is 4 is thrilled :D
Big thanks !

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You're welcome!

agradecido por la apertura de publicaciones y asi poder interactuar con mis estudiantes e hijos 

by....reitero mis felicitaciones 

"cheers to kidsloop

grateful for the opening of publications and thus being able to interact with my students and children


by....I reiterate my congratulations"