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Recently this started happening: at the top of any activity, after saving, it would show how many attempts that I made. Now when I am testing out my activity of course I would try it a couple of times to see if there are any probs. But I cannot embed these activities in my work since the Attempts counter is showing at the top. 

I tried looking at the behavioural settings but am confused as to what to do. I need your help. How do I get rid of the Attempts message at the top of my activities??


Zaida Mohammed

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HI Zaida,

The attempts banner will only show for the specific user that is logged in to So for example if I try to access your content I will not see that banner not until I answered the content.

Also currently it is not possible to disable this, although the development team is working on a feature to do so. I just do not have a timeline when this will be released.


Thank you! That's a relief!



I would also be in favor of the ability to disable the attempts banner, at least for certain content-types. It doesn't seem to be relevant for content types that are intended to display information and images such as Agamotto or Image Hotspots.

Glad to hear a feature is in the works!


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Hi KW,

The plan is to remove the banner altogether for content types that do not generate scores and as far as I know this is being developed first.


Great news. Thanks!

Hi, please can you disable the attempts counter. This is not at all helpful and causes confusion.

The sooner the better please!

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You can disable the attempt counter by going to Manage Organization -> Settings -> Display settings and unchecking the "Display number of attempts". Please be advised that this setting can only be changed by the account's administrator so if you are not the admin please reach out to them for assistance.


Hi, I need to configure the audio, I need the audio to not be able to pause, or go back, thanks.