Trouble when resizing a content in course presentation


As a video is worth thousands words, here is a screencast of the trouble I've stumbled upon with "Course Présentation" :

As you can see, no way to resize the content in these cases - the resize is frozen in a minimal square state. I have to update the course presentation, go back to editing the course presentation and then I can resize my contents as I wish. Strange, right ?

Also, I've noticed that if we choose not to display the final summary slide, then the student's score to the various activities in the course presentation are not stored / registered in H5P results. It is as if he didn't do any exercises. I was wondering if it was on purpose ?

Last but not least, it would nice to have settings or options in the final summary slide :

  • to choose wether or not to display the "Share on Twitter" / "Share on Facebook" links (I can't have my students under 13 to go social... )
  • to choose wither or not to display the "Show the solution" button and the "Solution Mode"



About the last two points, I know that hiding those things can be achieve by altering the CSS and adding "display: none" to the solution button and to the "Share on..." divs, but it would be nicer to have these settings in H5P wizard directly.

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Hi Isabella, I've never seen such problems as shown in your video before. Which browser are you using? Do you do anything special when this starts to happen? If it happens again could you press CTRL + SHIFT + J to open your browsers console and see if you find any error messages there that you could paste in here?

I agree with you on the other two points. I don't think the core team be able to fix them in the short term, but they will fix them, and hopefully someone else does beats them to it :)

There are also discussions going on about when a Course Presentation without the summary slide should be regarded as finished. I'm leaning towards a finished button or something...

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There could be different business rules for completion logic. e.g. a course without any interaction is completed when all pages have been progressed. Or when there are interactions a certain mastery score needs to be achieved before it is completed (maybe in combination with everything seen). These business rules can be used as an alternative to reaching the summary slide and with or without navigation bar.