Crossword content type, on iphone/ipad the list of clues is numerically reversed

Hi guys,

Very new to H5P, first installed 2 weeks ago specifically for the crossword content type, it's excellent.

Issue: On apple devices (iphone & ipad) the list of crossword clues seems to display in the wrong order.

So for example, a list of clues should correctly display ACROSS 1 , 3 , 4 , 5 , etc (reading top to bottom)

...but on iphone it displays incorrectly as ACROSS 5 , 4 , 3 , 1 (reading top to bottom)


This issue is only happening on apple devices, across multiple browsers (safari, chrome, duck duck go)

No other devices are affected (Android, Windows PC)

Crosswords are created with all answers "fixed on grid" , no random positioning.

The "functionality" of the puzzle is not affected, this seems to be just a display issue.

I will attach the incorrect (iphone view) screenshot of the clues-list.

Thanks for any help.


My website details:

H5P version 1.15.4

WordPress version 5.8.4

WordPress theme : Twenty Sixteen

Browser console errors: don't know

PHP errors: don't know

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That has been fixed a while ago (, but the H5P core team will need to find some time to release an update. As far as I was informed, this is supposed to happen shortly.



Ok thanks!

So I should simply wait until the WordPress plugin is updated?


Thanks again.

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Hi Michael!

No. The content types get updated separately from the plugins, because they are not only available for WordPress but can run on many other platforms, too. When an update gets available, you'll see a corresponding message for the Crossword entry in the H5P Hub where you create new content.



Great, thanks.