Question Set

If I create a Question set which contains more than 9 questions then I cannot 'view' the quiz. I can go back and edit it but not view, see screenshot. If I remove questions past number 9 all is okay again!


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It doesn't seem to be a general problem. I made a test node. What kind of question is question number 10 you're trying to add?

Thanks for the node, it was a fill in the blanks question after a series of 9 multiple choice questions. There was a drag and drop question after question 9 also. Only by removing questions 10, 11 etc did the quiz become viewable and as such downloadable again. I have had to split the quiz into two parts to get it to work.

It seems to be an issue with behavioural settings, the quiz had multiple choice through questions 1-7 then fill in the blanks followed by 2 drag the text. By allowing "enable retry" on the fill in the blanks question the ability tyo view the quiz returned. I then took it off again and it stayed viewable!

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Hmmm... I don't like this. Sound like a serious problem that perhaps doesn't happen too often. The content with the problem has been fixed now? If you encounter this again please post a link here and I'll look into it.