Why H5P Content is visible to every user on wordpress website?

Recently I have installed H5P plugin on my wordpress website but to be my surprice it is visible to every user logged in on my website.

Why H5P Content is visible to every user on wordpress website? How can I hide this from non-admin users?

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I'm not sure what you mean? Wouldn't you want visitors of your site to be able to see the contents? Or are you pertaining to logged in users have the capability of editing/creating contents?


I have started using H5P on my website where we are teaching. When some user logged into the system, all the H5P content is visible. Suppose I am creating H5P and I want to include that in the course but H5P content listing (from backend) is visible to users. It should be only visible to the administrator, or in other words wp-admin's left panel.

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Hi harpreetmeets!

You will have to change the user role's capabilities.

H5P supports the user role management system of WordPress that many don't know about, because by default, WordPress doesn't ship with a user role editor. That's probably because of Wordpress' heritage as a blogging platform used by just one person. You will need to install one of the many user role manager plugins (e.g. User Role Editor that I use myself).

With one of these plugins, you can define what a user in what role should be allowed to do. What you're looking for is to deactivate the "view_h5p_contents" and the "view_others_h5p_contents" capability for the role that your users are logged in with.


Hey Oliver

I have done this and it solved the purpose.

Thank you again.



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Hi Harpreet!

You're welcome!