Hi all, I have a question about saving H5P files. I have created an "Interactive Book" in LUMI with the H5P Editor. After setting up an extensive table of contents and successfully saving the file several times in between, I wanted to add a video file (in MP4 format) in the first chapter, but I didn't succeed, because when saving, a red window appeared with the message "H5P could not be saved." After several unsuccessful attempts, all the data I had created up to that point was gone. After a LUNI restart the file could not be loaded again. All the work was in vain and have to recreate everything again. Honestly, I am littlebit frustrated. Does anyone know what I did wrong or does anyone have a tip on how to avoid something like this?


M. Siekmann    


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LUMI was not developed by the H5P core team and although you might get answers in the forums it's best that your reach out to LUMI's developers directly. You'll find their contact informtion on their site.