Word limit in Overall Feedback field

Hi everyone,

I'm wishing to provide detailed explanations for solutions to several questions grouped in a fill in the blank item.  I note the Overall Feedback field has a fairly limited word count.

Is there a way to provide longer form feedback for fill in the blank questions.


Andrew (The University of Newcastle)

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Hi Andrew,

I'm afraid no, not unless you make changes to the code.


Hi BV,

Thanks for clarifying that information.  I assume you need to download the package and manually entre the feedback and reupload the package?



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Hi Andrew,

It would be better to change the max length in the code that manually entering it. For one manually entering it might cause some undesirable effect another issue is that eveytime you need to add a feedback you would to repeat the same step.

You can head over to this page for more details on how to make changes to content types.


I just run into this issue when creating content using the Lumi editor. At least when using Lumi, you can temporarily change the limit by opening the developer tools (Help menu), locating the input field, and changing the maxlength property. Saving and exporting the overlong feedback works just fine.

For some questions with overlong feedback I actually switched to the Fill in the Blank content type, so that students put together the explanation themselves.