activation h5p in chamilo


welcome everybody

I want to install H5p inside a chamilo system, but I don't know how

Please Help

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 HI meskofe,

If you are using to host your contents and Chamilo supports LTI 1.1 or LTI 1.3 you should be able to setup an LTI connection. We do not have a documentation specific to Chamilo however the guides for other LMS should help.


you can use  Chamilo Studio tools  (older name Chalkboard plugin) or LTI 1.1, links or iframe in learning path it's a good way too.

Do not activate the H5P plugin of version 1.11.14 it is completely obsolete


To integrate H5P as a LTI activity in Chamilo 1.11.16, go to Administration -> Plugins -> check the IMS/LTI plugin -> Activate selected plugins -> Click on the "Configure" button for that plugin -> Enable: "Yes" and save -> Return to the list of plugins -> Click the "Regions" button for that plugin and select the "menu_administrator" region -> Return to the Administration page and search for the "IMS/LTI" link in the "Plugins" block -> "Add external tool" and fill the form with the H5P data. This whole process is only needed once. Once this is done, go to any course -> Settings -> IMS/LTI and enable the H5P tool insisde your course. It will appear as a new tool icon on your course homepage.

What do you mean exactly when you say "fill in the form with the H5P data"?