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With interactive video on Moodle :

a student makes several tentations because he has made mistakes and he will ameliorate his points.
What does H5P ? Does he remains with the calculated  points at the first temptation or does he adapt each times the calculation of the points? In other words :  Does he take into account the last good answers when the student makes het H5P several times ?
Thanks for your help


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Hi Brigitte,

Everytime a student answers the content a new score is generated and will overwrite the previously recorded score. This is true for all the plugins, on the other hand records all the scores/answers. also provides an option of First Attempt, Last Attempt or Best Attempt when to send the scores to an LMS (if configured using LTI).


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I'd like to amend this answer.

The previous attempts' scores should all be visible in moodle's grade history.

If you're using moodle's custom H5P integration (created by moodle) instead of using the H5P plugin for moodle (created by the H5P core team), then you can choose what attempt's score the the last report should contain: first / last / best / average.