website encountered an unexpected error...

 ...when trying to create Drag Text interaction. Get the following error:

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.   

The UE occurrs in IE, Chrome and in Moodle (Chrome).   

I beleive this hapened b/c I cut and pasted some text from a PDF (into the question's text field in H5P) which had a strange character in it.

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Hi, thanks for reporting this. Could I ask what character it was and if I can replicate it, I'll make a bug report. Also, did you manage to get it working eventually?

It's a white box. I think it's created by Acrobat after performing OCR. Even if I put it here it throws a UE on 

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Hi, thanks for reporting this bug. I've created an issue on our task board. You can follow it here:

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What webserver are you using, which version and which PHP version?

Don't understand the question: this happens on our hosted Moodle site and at, using all Web browsers.

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That is very strange. It seems you were unable to save the H5P so you can't link to it? Could you paste in the text that caused this error here?


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When text is rendered by a computer, sometimes characters are displayed as “tofu”. They are little boxes to indicate your device doesn’t have a font to display the text.

@falcon It's not that uncommon that unsupported symbols makes a submit fail. The strings need to be cleaned before submitted. Or cleaned serverside for unsupported symbols.

It's a white box, which is created by Acrobat after performing OCR. Even if I put it here in this text box it throws a UE on 

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Hi Rudler, I think that the quickest solution would be to 'clean' the text you are copying by pasting it into a program like Notepad or TextEdit before then pasting it into the editor. 

I concur.

I have the latest update for Wordpress (1.15.4) and unfortunately, I did not see the « resume » feature :(

May be, this feature have not been released for the Wordpress side ?

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Hi zenplay!

I am not sure why you dug up a post that has nothing to do with your question at all, but the answer is: That feature can be activated by checking the "save content state" option in the plugin settings (and that has been possible for years now :-)).


Thank you for the reply.

But it seems not working for Interactive Book (Wordpress extension) :(

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Have you made sure to update Interactive Book to the latest version including upgrading existing content on the library settings page?