HTML5 interactive video timeline

I am willing to create an HTML5 interactive video timeline.
All characteristics are well explained [here](
Am I in the right place? Can I realise this with H5P?

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H5P would be a great starting point for content type like this. You could start looking at how Interactive Video is implemented. You also might want to look at TimelineJS (

I knew about TimelineJS, but I wouldn't know how to "connect" it to a video, streaming from our device.
I do output frames and metadata which has to automatically populate the live video.
So, I was wondering if there were some draft code already written somewhere, and from where to take inspiration.
I'm a kinda newbie...

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I guess the first step would be to make the video-stream available through a webserver. This is something you might find an answer to by using google or e.g. stackoverflow. The second step would be using the URL to the video stream as a source in a Video-tag.