Speak The Words Set: answer equal to alternative, but is marked as incorrect.

Hello, thank you for the development of this plugin.

I want to report a bug in Speak The Words Set.

1. Description:

The error is as follows: the answer is equal to one of the alternatives, however it marks it as incorrect. 

2. Platform and version number. Wordpress 6.0.2

3. Mobile and Desktop

4.  Browser: Chrome and Edge

5. H5P plugin versión: 1.15.4

Attached is the h5p file and screen shots


Content types: 
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Hi Francisco,

I think I fixed your content. But before I give you the steps I'd like to inform you that outside of a few words I do not speak German, I actually let Google Translate do the "talking" for me. On that note below are the steps:

  1. Copied one of the answers to Google Translate (I'll be refering to this as GT moving forward).
  2. Click "Drücken um zu sprechen"
  3. Have GT "speak" the words
  4. Copy one of the detected answers
  5. Paste in notepad
  6. Edit the content
  7. Copy/paste the answer into the editor
  8. Save and test the content

I attached the "fixed" content. 

Thank you for your response. 

Yes, the H5P file you attached works fine.

Reading the steps, I tried to test on the original file the following:

1) typing the answers directly in the editor, and it worked. (But it would take more time)

2) copying from the alternatives provided by H5P, pasting and modifying (removing periods, capital letters for small letters, etc) and it also worked.

Before I was copying and pasting from an excel, and as the others worked, I didn't understand what was going on.

I tried copying and pasting from some clean text editor like notepad (instead of excel), but it didn't work.

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Hi Francisco,

My theory would be that there is some sort of hidden formatting that is being transfered from excel. I would suggest that if you really need to copy/paste use Ctrl+Shift V as this is paste text only.


Thank you, yes, there is a kind of hidden character.

I checked the hidden characters in Word, and just those 3 sentences have a white circle instead of a separator dot, which represent a spacing.

By deleting the space and retyping the space bar, the white circle becomes a dot, and it works fine.

I attach an image.

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Ahuh! That is good to know and thank you for sharing this information.

Hi BV52,

The error is as follows: the answer is equal to one of the alternatives, however it marks it as incorrect in Microsoft Edge. Chrome works fine.

 Try; https://h5p.org/node/1306438. 

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Hi Ubi!

Chrome and Edge most likely do not use the same engine to detect speech, so it is possible that both browsers yield different results.



Hi Oliver,

Thank you for the explanation. 

I found a funny thing. To get the same result in both browsers, I need to add another accepted answer with a full stop (i.e. - pizza and pizza.). 


Hi, We have a ton of speak the words content on our site. It works great (usually) with Chrome. However, I tried it with Explorer and it returns errors constantly regarding punctuation. I took all the punctuation out of the sentences awhile ago because of this being an issue in Chrome because if the words are right it will return the correct answer regardless of punctuation (if there is none) but if there is punctuation it will return incorrect answers. Now the opposite is happening with Explorer- it returns an incorrect answer that adds punctuation to the pronunciation. So for example if I say Namaste as the answer. It will mark it incorrect bc it's hearing Namaste. as the answer. It will add the period to the speech when pronounced even though there isn't any because of the pause in the speech pattern from giving the answer. While we suggest users use Chrome because it does really seem to work best- some learners may only have access to Explorer so it would be great if there was a way to also accomodate them. Is there any type of code that can be added to make it so that the answer for both Speak the Words and Speak the Words set don't include punctuation at all unless indicated it should be included? Is there something I can add on the backend myself or is there something you can add? I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks so much for your time and feedback! 

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I am actually wondering how you were able to make it work with Explorer since the speech engine that Speak the Words uses is not supported by Explorer. Anyway what you can try is add an alternative with a punctuation.