H5p.org vs Lumi vs currikistudio

Im playing around with h5p, im very new to this format. What are the pros and cons of these platforms?. For example, I would like to embed activities iframes, for example, in genially : 

* h5p.org: limited activities, I am advised not to use it to create massive real content and it seems embedding <iframe> option will expire some day // * Lumi: it seems that I can use the whole set of activities but I cant get the <iframe> code to emded. // * Currikistudio: Looks pretty cool, I can organize my activities... but its community is dead (Why !!??) . I get activity <iframes> but limited activities (no crossword for example) and inserting maths using  /( some latex /) does not seem to work.

Are ther any other platforms like these? Thank you.

Hi dasorsan,

when using Lumi you also need a server to upload you created H5P-Content. You could create your content within Lumi and export as HTML-file with activated embed link. This HTML-file could be saved on a server and when you're opening this HTML-site you could use the embed-Button. 


Hope this helps

Thank you for your help Bibs123.

But, if i'm using Lumi cloud, isn't it supposed to be already a server? Am I not using Lumi server to store my content?

Sorry, im just a teacher with very limited server knowledge...


I didn't knew Lumi Cloud (just used the Desktop version) but it seems like you're right. All you have to do is create new h5p content, save it and use the provide content button on the right side. In the new window, a name must be assigned and the whole thing must be confirmed via Save button. Your content should now be listed on the "shared links" side, which you can open by clicking on the same named menu-button on the left side. Select your content and you will see the I-Frame code. This could be embedded on your website.


Hope this helps

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