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I am wondering if there is a way to use existing course presentation in a Interactive Book or Column and also a way to use existing Drag and Drop in a Course Presentation or in Interactive Video or in a Column type.

For example:- 

I found a Course Presentation or a Drag and Drop with open license which is very much relavent for my Interactive book /Interactive Video / Column. Then How do I import that into my Interactive book /Interactive Video / Column. 


Hope I am clear in explaining the issue. Please guide me on this.




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Hi telugu,

Before anything else, copy/paste in H5P will only work if you have access to editing the content you are copying from. You mentioned that you want to copy the content that you did not create, if the download button is available then you are all set you just need to download the content then upload it to your H5P editor then you will be able to copy it. If the download button is not availble then I guess you need to first reach out to the owner of the content to ask for a copy of their content.

With that out of the way you can use this documentation to guide you in how to copy/paste contents. This provides steps and tips on how to copy/paste other contents into more complex contents such as Course Presentation/Column. Just to add one piece of advice/warning be wary of the paste/replace button just below of the content type picker since using this will replace the whole content instead of pasting the within it.


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Thank you for the detailed Reply. Still I have a question.

Firstly let me answer your questions. Yes I do have editing option of both content types.

Yes I observed that when I copy Drag and Drop content and come to Course Presentation or Interactive book when I say Paste it is replacing entire content type.

My idea is be able to import a Drag and Drop activity from other Drag and Drop (which I created) into my Course Presentation, instead of re creating same Drag and Drop aagain in Course Presentation.

Hope I am clear about my idea.


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Hi telugu,

This is exactly what the short video in the documentation I linked above shows. First you copy the content in your example Drag and Drop. There are 2 ways to copy the content one is from the "reuse" button (as shown in the video) and the other clicking "copy" in the editor (SS attached). Then in Course Presentation click on the paste button (SS attached).


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May be we need a feature to have Copy paste button for each content type inside like if there is a Drag the Words inside CoursePresentation, it should have paste option.


  1. We copy Drag the Words content that we created
  2. And open a Course Presentation or Interactive Book content type then choose Drag the Words content type to add and
  3. Paste the copied content 
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How silly I was, I was wondering how I could do earlier now I can not. Simple thing I missed. 

Thank you once again for the detailed and prompt replies.

Hi Telugu! I also felt very silly trying to figure out how to paste content into the Course Presentation.  I made a video about it, hope it's helpful for anyone else who didn't know about the clipboard paste button.

Video - H5P tips for copy and paste

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Hi eLearnLyra,

Thank you for sharing this. Bookmarked ;-)