H5p for educational purposes


I don't know exactly if this is the place to ask but i'm really curious if there are any teachers/schools here who can give a link to their website or maybey screenshots to show how they use h5p tools for educational purposes. I'm just starting with my colleaque to create some exercises with h5p and we are looking for some extra inspiration. :)



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I'm not representing a school, but you may have a look at NDLA's H5Ps in English. (They have a lot more in Norwegian as well)


We've created one website for German learners in Ukraine, and we use H5P for our exercises, for examle here https://that.school/lessons/3-essen-und-trinken/3-2-mahlzeiten/ We have different exercises in each lesson, and we use almost all of them (fill in the blanks, drag text, course presentation, interactive video, mark the word, and others).

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Hi Viktoria,

Thank you for sharing. I think you have a lot of great content on your site!

Not just teachers can/should use H5p! I teach college students (Ed tech masters programs etc) and they are wanting to have students create content as well! Can be cofusing a bit sometimes though. I have some ideas I will write for the TImeline team for example. 

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I have placed a number of revision activities for GCSE/IGCSE Science on  www.webschool.org.uk        and  www.globalmatters.org/topics 


We are looking for specific corporate training showcases, that are produced with H5P. Cases from which the H5P community can destilate great working templates. Please, share with us those cases for:

- Onboarding programs
- Compliance programs
- Skills training
- .....