Drupal 7: H5P field in a custom content type

Hi there,

Could someone point me which steps is essential to inject H5P field into the custom Drupal 7 content type?

I'm trying to accomplish that by copying and modifying code from the h5peditor module, but I not finish it yet. Is there any pitfalls? Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.

Also it would be great to have a normal Drupal fields for that, but as I can see it's not implemented yet:


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I'm afraid this might be quite time consuming to do, but if you decide to pursue this please consider contributing your work as a new Drupal module or patch to the existing one.

I don't think I have any concrete tips here. I have written field types before, but it is a while back. I don't think there are any big difficulties there, it's just that you'll have to write quite a lot of code and get an overview of the quite big field API in Drupal.

It might be possible to achieve some of what you're trying to do with node references or similar but you're probably aware of that.