duration tracking

Is there any way to track course/activity open duration ?

if it is possible then Does having the course open in 2 tabs at once count double?

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Hi shishirsarathe,

Yes this feature is available in H5P.com and is included in the Drill Down reports. Having the course/content open in 2 tabs will count as 2 separate interactions with it. Having said this depending on the settings one of the attempts will not be recorded in the LMS.


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I'd like tp amend this answer. The duration can be tracked by any H5P integration, not only by H5P.com. The duration is part of the xAPI statements that content types can emit.

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Can Moodle be configured to require a minimum time spent in the H5P object?

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I don't think so, but that's rather a question for someone with experience in moodle as this would rather be a feature for the H5P integration, not for the H5P content (even though one could argue about that).



thankyou @BV52 @otacke