Setting timer in question set quiz

I m using question set with 10 questions including MCQ and drag and drop. I want to set timing 30 mins for this quiz , how can I set this.

I m using Question set content type. On a sample page short code is added , I want to show only one question at a time while on page it is showing 3 questions at a time. Plz suggest how we can control this.

check this link :- Demo Quiz – SERU (

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Hi pragya1150,

What you are asking is beyond the control of H5P contents. However you can instead use Interactive Book and have those 3 Question Set per page/chapter.


Hi pragya1150 !

If you are using Wordpress or Drupal, you can find some tips / workarounds to use timers here : Or you can have a look at the yet not official but very nice content-type developed by Oliver Tacke and called "Game Map" : There is an option to set timers for each question and this Content-Type is awesome :)



In drag & drop content type "Show Solution" button option is not available, How I can acheive this.