Wordpress - Display H5P results in a different page

Hello! Is there a way I can create a page for the user that it's not the wp-admin dashboard, so they can see their results, or maybe a shortcode to put in a widget?

Additionally, as an admin and teacher can I see my logged student records on the admin dashboard?



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You need to download the whole repository as a zip file: Head over to https://github.com/tristanmurdoch/wordpress-plugin-h5p_results and use the big green button. That will give you an installable plugin archive for WordPress.


I tryed to install wordpress-plugin...zip in wordpress add ons. 

it said this:


Installing an add-on…

The package could not be installed. No add-ons found.

Failed to install add-on."

Did I do something wrong? Can you help. Please

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Seems the repository doesn't follow common practice. Unzip the wordpress-plugin...zip and zip the h5p-results folder separately. The resulting zip file (containing only the `h5p-results` folder and its contents only) will be the installable plugin that you're looking for.

Now it works but it dos not show any results.

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You should reach out to the maintainer then.

I am the maintaner it only shows like picture. There is answers in h5p moduls.

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The maintainer is the person who maintains the code of the plugin that you're using. He or she should be able to help you.

I am a maintainer but it dos not show eny resluts. There is h5p results in the pages. It only shows as picture...