Twitter User Feed H5P content type


at I can see that the Twitter User Feed H5P content type is no longer supported since the Twitter API used is no longer available.

Can you please tell me, when the Twitter User Feed H5P content type will be deleted out of the H5P content types, so that nobody gets any error messages?

Thanks for help and deleting the Twitter User Feed H5P content type. :-)




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Hi Bernd,

The Twitter User Feed cannot be created here in nor in If you are using the plugin for Drupal, Wordpress or Moodle administrators can disable the content in the H5P libraries settings. Personally I agree that we should completely remove it. However we cannot do that since there may still be contents out there that have not been edited to remove it i.e. a column with Twitter User Feed. The content where it is inserted have a high chance of not working at all if the libraries are removed.


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Hi BV!

Could you please elaborate on the necessity to keep the library a little more.

While it is fully true that not everyone has removed the "broken" Twitter content, it could easily be removed by H5P's upgrades.js file while upgrading existing content. Twitter content could, for instance, simply be deleted cleanly or replaced by a text message. There is precedence. The very same procedure was performed for in Course Presentation (see and Column (

The same had actually been done for Twitter ( but was then reverted about four weeks later ( I assume there was some good reason, but I am curious about what exactly that was. Content should not break, and there should not be any technical reason as an obstacle.



Very well argued Oliver, and with incontrovertible backup referring to their own precedent where they removed broken interaction types cleanly in the past. I'm sure many others are eager to hear H5P's reply.