Copy Paste button in editor


Hi, Questionnaire has a copy paste button next to each question in the editor. How do they achieve this? I can't see a widget or anything in the semantics to enable it.

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That Copy&Paste button is added automatically by the editor part of H5P core whenever you use a "library" field for adding subcontent.

What are you working on? Anything cool that the H5P community could play with soon?

Ah ok cool. 
Nothing particulary interesting atm. Just a custom quiz type, really just experimenting with React in H5P, using your boilerplate code. I've managed to get it to work ok, but have noticed that useContext doesn't seem to work, so am having to pass a bunch of state through props to children. I am thinking about doing a Who Wants to be a Millionaire style content type though, just a as an experiment with AWS AI tools. IE, give the AI a topic and get it to generate a bunch of increasingly difficult questions. With a bit of a leaderboard or something.

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There's no limitation that H5P would impose on React, so `useContext` should work if you feed it a proper context.

Using machine learning services to create questions in connection with H5P is not hard - seen it in two different places before :-)