Not able to install content in the H5P itneractive content


I am using Moodle 4.1.3, the Moove theme, and installed the latest version of the H5P plugin.

While adding a new H5P interactive activity, content types are showing, but they're not installed.

When I click on install, the process goes on for a few seconds and then it returns back to the 'Add new interactive content' page without the H5P editor. As suggested in some earlier posts, I tried clearing caches. In H5P libraries, I tried to Update the content type cache, it shows the message: Library cache was successfully updated!

But I am still not able to install. I enable the display Debuging message also but no message is displayed.

Kindly guide what settings need to update.



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Hi ssinghal,

Try downloading sample contents then uploading it into Moodle. This should install the libraries for those content types.