Is there any update on the problem to use H5P for assessment due to the answers shown in the "Show code" web browser?

I am preparing several activities with various H5P tools for the next course, but they compulsory need to be part of the grading. On 2020 a person posted in this forum that students can access the correct answers when they choose "Show code" on the web browser (see below this lines). From the answers to that questions it could be inferred that this situation could change in a near future. But I have not been able to track any further new on the subject. Can anybody update and inform which the present situation is?. Thanks in advance!

"Show code" web browser option shows the answers of a Fill in the blanksSubmitted by esanroma on Wed, 04/22/2020 - 17:48 Forums: Bugs in content types


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This is not a bug, but an architectural problem and it persists.

Did someone really insinuate this might change "in a near future"? It would be a major change to how H5P works and I doubt that even now this is something that's just around the corner.


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Is this architectural problem limited to " fill in the blank" questions, or are there other content types with similar issues?

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Hi E.McGraw-Austin,

All content types work this way.