Prevent user from completely skipping H5P slideshow

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I am currently creating lessons in SCORM format using PowerPoint and iSpring Presenter.  I'm migrating to using H5P instead.  I see that I can export each slide as an image, then add those images as content one by one as an H5P object.  However, if I embed that into Moodle, how do I enforce that a user has at least clicked through every lesson?  With SCORM, it forces the user to view the slideshow before the SCORM object returns a "completed" flag to the LMS.  Is there a way to achieve the same thing with H5P?


I would be interested to know this also :)

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I think we're on the same boat.  Need a replacement for SCORM but we need a way to track the most basic metric... whether a student views the entire lesson or not.  Unfortunately SCORM commercial options have priced themselves out of existence.  Besides, I want to move to an entirely open source, open standard workflow so we're never dependent on a single commercial vendor ever again.  We're a tiny educational facility and we're being held hostage by the costly workflow.