Smart Import available in Moodle?

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Is the new Smart Import available for Moodle or only for a paid subscription? Please let me know, we use it within a university environment and would like more info - I can ask the Moodle Administrator to get in contact if needed. Many thanks!

Smart Import available in Moodle?
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Hi Eliani,

We are pleased to learn of your interest in our new Generative AI feature. :) Smart Import is exclusively available with, though certainly integrates seamlessly with Moodle! I would be glad to host a demonstration of this amazing new feature and discuss licensing options with you should it be of interest. Here is a direct link to my calendar: Overview/Demo. Please feel free to select any day/time that works best for you. A Google Hangouts link will be added to the calendar invite just as soon as your confirmation is received. 


I am interested in using the Generative AI Feature, the smart import. I have signed for the free trial to know how it works, however I can not see from the activity options when I create content. How can we try it?




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Hi Meri,

We are happy to hear that you are interested in the new Smart Import feature.

Candidly, Smart Import is not enabled by default as it is an upgrade opportunity for all customers. We would love to provide more details! 

To learn more about this amazing new feature, please head over to this page and then click "Book Demo."




I am a teacher in Bavaria, Germany, and there they have implemenent a LMS called mebis which is based on Moodle. I cannot find smart imprt anywhere. I would like to start using h5p as the use of AI would now allow it with my time management but I can't find this function anywhere on the user surface. Can you help me, please?

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Hi Marion!

Smart Import is an exclusive feature of that is not available for other H5P integrations like the moodle plugin. You could have a look at but I was told their licenses are pretty expensive.


Thank you for your reply! I was hoping for a different one, though, what a shame... why not make it easier for teachers to develop materials... I discovered but that's just also too expensive as is getting my own account for teaching a few classes...but thanks anyway!

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why not make it easier for teachers to develop materials..

Possibly because bills need to be paid, I guess.