Unable to Upload to Moodle


H5P is an awesome concept and we're happy to have the opportunity to join and contribute to the community.

We're working on a "Code Explorer".  The source is available here: https://github.com/TheCoderMerlin/H5P.CodeExplorer/tree/single-library

While it doesn't do much yet it does function fine in Drupal using "Development" mode.   We attempt to package it with "h5p pack":

h5p pack H5P.CodeExplorer-1.0 code-explorer-1.0.h5p

This succeeds without issue:

Packing 1 library to file...
H5P.CodeExplorer-1.0 OK 1.0.1001

However, when we attempt to upload the file to Moodle, we receive the following messages:

* invalid-content-folder : A valid content folder is missing

* invalid-h5p-json-file : A valid main h5p.json file is missing

Any help, hints, or ideas that would help us to correct our mistakes will be greatly appreciated.



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You're trying to upload a mere library file in the H5P Hub/moodle upload form. Libraries are not content files and need to be uploaded on the library settings page of the H5P plugin for moodle/moodle's own H5P settings - depending on what H5P integration you're using.


p. s.: I really just glanced at your repo, but I feel you could have saved quite some time and made your repository much simpler to maintain if you had used bootstrap/codemirror as npm modules instead of shipping the code yourself.


I appreciate your help.  I added a content folder and was able to upload and use it correctly.