Develop and collaborate on new features


Hello, everyone

I don't know if this is the appropriate forum to ask this question, I will gladly ask it wherever you tell me. 

I work for the University of Murcia and some of our teachers want to use H5P within our LMS adding new functionalities to the existing content types as well as new types.

Specifically, they want to add support for text in the memory game, some customization options in the advent calendar and, as new, a randomizer to build sentences (for language learners) and a kind of scape room with locks to access other exercises.

As developers of the university LMS, we would like to know how to collaborate and deliver these new features and developments and if this would be possible. Or if it is better to leave everything done privately, but we think it is better to collaborate with free software.

I am waiting for the answer or the indications that you can give us.

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Thank you very much, Otacke ... I didn't found it.